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>The Pop-Up Art Gallery – #1361


Retailers pretty much everywhere are having a tough time and the Richmond Mall is no exception.

The ONLY record store in town is gone to be replaced by YET ANOTHER pharmacy and the kiddies’ clothing place went down the gurgler sometime within the last couple of months.

Richmond Mall management is clued up, though.

Instead of leaving a  shop empty and looking like a missing tooth in an otherwise perfect smile, they’ve asked the Art Group Nelson to fill the space with their paintings (all for sale) and have a working artist (this is Tony Milner) on duty.

Draws in people like candles to a flame.

Too cool.

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5 thoughts on “>The Pop-Up Art Gallery – #1361

  1. >If they were really, really, really, really clued up they would have a shop like this permanently in the mall, maybe inviting different people in from time to time. Yet another pharmacy, though? Why do they have so many pharmacies where you live, I wonder. They have hardly any here. In London it would become a coffee shop, or, worse still, a Tesco convenience store.

  2. >Great ideas, great blog!!!

  3. >A fine portrait of an artist, and a great idea, too.

  4. >PS WHY do we need so many pharmacies JB? We have one on every corner in B'ham.V

  5. >Now that is a great idea. I think it's fun to just watch an artist at work. I"d be drawn to that flame.BTW, I would think Ms. JB could have kept the mall afloat single handedly! :)V

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