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>Peter – #1364


I’m not sure if this will I KNOW that this doesn’t slot neatly into the DP concept, but a) I grew up just down the road b) I’m staying at a motel just around the corner and c) my mate Bruce Hales used to live (and still works) there.
And more people (all 7 of them…) read MDP than YMBFA (a navigationally-challenged person last stumbled across the blog 2 years ago), so it’s going to be told here.
I need a new fleece jacket and Kathmandu, an outdoor outfitter in Albany, NZ seems to fit the bill.
Find something I want – a stylish black number – and say “And I bet you’ve got a sale on and I get 50% off”.
“Not exactly” says Peter “but we’ve got one starting on Wednesday”
Which is when I’m back in Nelson.
“No worries” he says ‘we’ll call Nelson, see if they’ve got one and get them to hold it for you until Wednesday”
Duly calls Nelson, they have an XXL and then say “But he’ll have to come in personally and have it put to one side”
Which sort of defeats the purpose.
We look at each other, mentally shaking our heads.
“No problem” says Peter “We can sign you up in our Summit Club, it won’t cost you anything (after delicately inquiring as to whether I was born before whenever…) and you automatically get a discount. So you can buy it here”
This is the way it’s supposed to work.
So meet Peter, originally from Kigali, Rwanda by way of Burundi to Albany, New Zealand.
Employee of the Month.
If not year…
Tomorrow: Paul
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4 thoughts on “>Peter – #1364

  1. >Now that's good service.And WHAT A SMILE ! The world needs more people like Peter : bright and friendly. I hope NZ accepts a large number of immigrants from Rwanda if they're all like him.

  2. >Peter used his head…kudos!

  3. >Will we get to see you modelling the new acquisition?

  4. >That is what CUSTOMER SERVICE means. I hope Peter gets a raise. Most would have stopped at "sale is Wed., much less pick up the phone. Now when you get back to Nelson, go to the store and remind them they lost a sale cause they had their heads up their tush!V

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