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>…and Mary …er…Isabel – #1366


“I knew you were here, darling” she said when I called 
“Robby told me”
“Robby” is the daughter of our best friends and my babysittee from waaaay back. 
She also has a gardening service called “Garden Grubs” and keeps Isabel’s garden in shape.
And Isabel up to date.
Isabel is my coffee date when I’m in Auckland. She’s known me since I was in my early teens and has a memory that recalls every embarrassing detail of my youth and beyond.
93 last Saturday.
Still drives.
Still sews.
Still knows more about politics than 95% of the population.
Still amazing
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9 thoughts on “>…and Mary …er…Isabel – #1366

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  2. >Lovely post. She is amazing!

  3. >It sounds like it!And did you really change in between?;-))

  4. >She is a woman to emulate; beautiful and active as she ages. It would be fun for one of us to interview her and plumb her for details of your youthful escapades.

  5. >She is lovely, amazing beautiful eyes fulltime of live! Thanx for sharing

  6. >Couldn't agree more with Natalie 🙂

  7. >Peter, Paul, Isabel, what a wonderful set of portraits. Thank you for showing mankind's best side!

  8. >She's a wonder and I think you need keeping up with JB, so she's got her hands full!V

  9. >And, she is beautiful… how wonderful that you can have a coffee date with someone who has known you for most of your life. Congratulations to you both.Bises,Genie

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