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Monthly Theme Day – Green – #1376



“Hey farmer, farmer, put away your DDT
I don’t care about spots on my apples lemons,
Leave me the birds and the bees – please”
(Big yellow taxi, Joni Mitchell)

Germany’s as Green as all get-out.

We recycle stuff as if the world’s coming to an end (well, it IS, but don’t tell anyone…), the Green party is the senior coalition partner in one of the largest (and most conservative) states and you get organic stuff on every street corner

Even in the discount supermarkets.

But I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this is going a bit too far.

A bit of DDT never hurt anyone….

Seen on the market in Mainz.

Click here to see what the rest of the gangs got up to


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4 thoughts on “Monthly Theme Day – Green – #1376

  1. >Excellent. I see the same on bio fruit in the health shop here- you need to buy carefully and not too much at a time. Good post for today – sorry I'm late…

  2. >I knew you'd come up with something clever. Glad there are places on this planet that have a clue about being GREEN. Here in the good ole USA we're breaking our necks trying to see how many landfills we can fill up and how much gas we can guzzle.V

  3. >Pull that K1W1 finger out right now, JB!! How on earth does a conservative state vote in a Green majority government. Here in Oz we have a slight green tinge to our ruling minority government and everyone is up in arms about the gathering 'communitst'. Would be funny if it wasn't so bloody pathetic!!

  4. >Ah we could count on you for a bit of green mischief :-)Yes selling rotten fruit for the sake of "bio" is definitely over the top. Great post !

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