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Gimme a "G" – #1395

Aqueductoral detail on one of the 9 carved stone cubes spelling out Johannes’ name on their horizontal surface one of the vertical planes in front of the Gutenberg Museum.

(Why do they always remind me of Country Joe and the Fish at Woodstock….?)

(The song’s as topical today as it was in 1969 – “Iraq” and “Afghanistan” don’t rhyme nor fit the meter quite as well as “Vietnam”, though….)

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2 thoughts on “Gimme a "G" – #1395

  1. Hey I remember that one,… I swear JB! Now may I just say I have no clue how you made the leap to this song but thank the lord my mind doesn't work like yours! HA

  2. I was a real hit in my American Lit classroom during a Vietnam unit when I played war protest songs among which was…you guessed it. No wonder that one of my colleagues told me, "I'm amazed at what you get away with…" Someone should have told her not to end a sentence with a preposition.

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