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Pick your gravatar – #1403

Good selection at the Johannisnacht market.

(I spy with my little eye one for 50 Grad….)

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5 thoughts on “Pick your gravatar – #1403

  1. Me again – could you fix your blogger ID so that when we click on “personal webpage” or on “my blogs” – Mainz Daily Photo, it links directly to your new website rather than to your old blogspot page, from where we then have to click on your link to the new site?
    It would save me a click and I’m so lazy you see…

  2. Now for those gravatars – I never cease to marvel at the endless list of new words made available by the combinations of English words – I just love that.

    I spent many hours in my childhood playing with rubber stamps – many of them representing either farm or wild animals. We would then draw farmhouses or jungles around them as appropriate. Great memories.

  3. jb – translate slip slap slop? My daughters and I tried many times and always failed miserably. Last time we tried was last week.

  4. Bat on said:

    Too bad I couldnt make it to the Johannisnacht to get the Batty one… 😦

  5. Intriguing! There are a couple there that I’d like to own, but, alas they are partially hidden: the birds and the high-heeled individual. Another shot of more, perhaps?

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