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Tear down this Zaun… – #1411

There are few enough remnants of Mainz’s mediaeval city wall without their being imprisoned.

Up until 10 years ago, this was a petrol station on the Rheinstrasse.

BP closed it down, removed anything that could be unscrewed, put up a fence and moved on.

Some folk from the Altstadt Residents Association hit the news the other week with a demo to get the wall and the area in front put to some use.

Using a slightly modified (rhyming, even…) version of Reagan’s “Mr Gorbatchev, tear down this wall” call: Tear down this Zaun” [Fence]

A lady (who either didn’t get the wit or who was perhaps successfully having everyone on?) wrote to the local rag, complaining about the pervasiveness of the English language in modern-day German culture etc etc.

Let’s assume she didn’t get it.

Let’s assume that she’s too old to have learned English at school or maybe she was on the phone to her sister-in-law when Reagan kicked off the end of the Cold War.

Either way, she’s going to look (and feel) pretty stupid when someone points out that her name’s under a “Duh” moment all over the Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung, being read by tens of thousands of people, most of whom she’ll know.

I pointed this out to one of the deputy editors at the paper (forgotten his name – “Zagreb” or “Watford”, I think. One of Mainz’s twinned towns, anyway…) and asked whether they had considered NOT printing it and saving the lady the embarrassment.

Geriatric rant begins:

Butter wouldn’t have melted in his mouth, snarkiness dripping off his every word.

They CERTAINLY wouldn’t ever CONSIDER censoring peoples’ views. No, OF COURSE they didn’t have ANYTHING ELSE to publish in Letters to the Editor that day. Quite right – they only received TWO LETTERS worth printing. And of course it’s just YOUR opinion that she hadn’t understood the wit of the banner blah blah blah wuggawuggawugga.

In my book, it’s just being plain mean for cheap laughs..

Supercilious prick

Geriatric rant ends:

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