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Mi Amigo Felipe – #1423

That’s what his mum, Flor-Maria reckons, anyway.

He appears to be pretty dubious about the whole deal.

Maybe it’s the fact that Mum was dragging him along to a meeting with her circle of Spanish-speaking (she’s from Ecuador) girlfriends from Bolivia, Spain and somewhere else that I’ve forgotten.

I mean, would YOU – as a 2 year old (or a mumblemumble year old, for that matter) –  want to sit around while a bunch of wimmin rabbit on about the latest fashions?

No, didn’t think so either….

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3 thoughts on “Mi Amigo Felipe – #1423

  1. Poor thing, you bothered him. He was only eager to get there fast.
    Gorgeous mother he has and he’s gonna have such a great time with all her friends who are going to smother him with kisses and hugs and wonderful latino conversation.

  2. I agree with Kate of course. I think Felipe is thinking long and hard about YOU Jb! Another great portrait of Felipe and his happy mom!

  3. Ahh! Terrific portraits, esp. the close-ups. In the top photo Felipe looks a bit wary of the photographer. Both mother and child are very handsome and you caught the joy in the mother’s face very well.

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