Mainz Daily Photo

“Steht auf…… – #1435

…wenn ihr Mainzer seid”

(“On your feet/Get up if you’re a Mainzer” – classic Mainz 05 fan chorus )

The Allgemeine Zeitung ran an article on Mainz Daily Photo the other day and it’s interesting to see when people read the newspaper around here, based on the click distribution on the blog.

The first people start reading the paper at 7am, (my mate Christoph earlier, but he can’t even SPELL “internet”and called me up at stupid o’clock to say “Well, GET YOU…!”), a few more at 8 and then it drops off at 9 until people get to the office, find they have nothing to do but read the paper and surf the internet.

Interest drops off until 4pm when people get home from work (civil servants?) and continues until 8pm until the evening program starts and song-and-dance becomes infinitely more attractive than MDP…….

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One thought on ““Steht auf…… – #1435

  1. Well at least you haven’t flatlined yet. 🙂

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