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The Easter Bunny can’t be far behind – #1448

Only 106 days to Christmas and the first Lebkuchen and Stollen appear in the local hypermarket where the barbecues and sun umbrellas used to be…..

So what happened to that ancient German tradition of Halloween?

Are we skipping it this year?

Does this mean that I won’t be able to tell the local kiddies to sod off and not come begging for sweets?

Is there no justice in the world…..?

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4 thoughts on “The Easter Bunny can’t be far behind – #1448

  1. I had no idea Germany had an ancient Halloween tradition. Is that true or another hoax of yours?
    If true, I’ll want a stack of photos to prove it. Instead of telling the kids to sod off, I suggest you trail them and record their successful trick or treat attempts all over town.

    As for your curmudgeon attitude, even if Halloween eludes you there’s always Christmas when you can play Mr. Scrooge to all kiddies around you – only 104 days to go now :-)))

  2. You’re just looking for an excuse to stockpile the chocolate and not share.

  3. Why shouldn’t you be able to tell the local kiddies to sod off, any time you wish to do so? Perhaps I don’t understand German law.

  4. I think we are all aware, jb, that your curmudgeon mask is all fake. After viewing the sweet photos you have posted of the wee ones, we know that you will provide lots of sweets for the visiting gremlins. I didn’t know that Germany celebrated Halloween? We all learn SO much from you!!

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