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Chick power – #1462

Another bloody feminist in the making.
Rant on about being oppressed and all that crap and then expect you to open the door for her..

And clenched fist salutes will get you tossed off the Olympic team, dearie….

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4 thoughts on “Chick power – #1462

  1. PS. Family dinner on Sunday, and I had Olivia chanting the slogan. Wasn’t too kind to brother Dominique, but … (I made it up to him with an extra piece of Apple, Cinnamon, Ginger pie)

  2. PS. I really do try not to get political on the blogs, but I salute Tommie Smith and John Carlos!

  3. Oh I just love this one MDP. I think you’ve found a niche. Great portraits are coming at breakneck speed. You old softie you.

  4. You go, girl! I’ll have to try to find that t-shirt for my 9-yr-old granddaughter, who is a “bloody feminist in the making,” and she can open her own doors, thank you very much! Admit it, jb, you think this kid is pretty cute, and smart, too!!

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