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Monthly Theme Day – Bakeries – #1524

Up until the 1960s, most villages around here had a Backhaus, a communal bakery that was fired up weekly and where you took the loaves that you’d prepared at home to be baked for a small fee.

Good excuse for a chinwag, of course, and a great idea from a fire prevention perpective – instead of having EVERYONE stoking up a fire in a dodgy oven at home, you’d have someone who actually knew what he (as in “male”) doing.

So you’ll still find a Backhausstrasse in virtually every village.

Of course, most villages had their own baker, making 7 different types of rolls, 5 different types of bread and more cakes and pastries than you could shake a stick at.
A big treat for someone growing up in a monoculture of white bread: Sydney Flat was the loaf of choice in New Zealand in the 1960s – an oblong block of nothingness enclosed in a beige crust.

These days, village bakeries are going the way of the Backhaus (not to mention the dodo) being rapidly replaced by these things in discount supermarkets.

Press a button and a compressor directs a blast of hot air at a piece of frozen dough that’s been spat out of a machine in Poland weeks ago, turning into something that visually resembles (and smells like) a loaf of bread.

Better than a Sydney Flat, mind you…

See what’s cooking…er… baking elsewhere.

Ms Mura’s exhortations to publish something edible are to be obeyed.
Shops and bakeries closed today – May Day, public holiday – so here’s Ms jb’s rhubarb cheesecake.

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5 thoughts on “Monthly Theme Day – Bakeries – #1524

  1. Oh dear – I’d missed out on the Mainz DP revival!
    A home baked rhubarb cheesecake. You’re a lucky man jb.

  2. I want the recipe also!!

  3. You had a good start avoiding the obvious, jb. But then, you got sweet-talked. But who could resist such a beauty of a cheese cake!

  4. Do we get the recipe?

  5. Now go find a decent bakery and show us some delectables in them. Right now I’m preparing to leave the house to treat myself to something wonderful to eat from a local bakery…all those theme photos have made me very hungry for some sweets. Don’t know the name of the city, but after WW11, soldier-brother-in-law found a bakery with their family name, Neher. Would love to know if there are more relatives in Germany (they’ve made contact with a few, and Jim and I have met some distant cousins on one of our trips). How I do go on!!!! But, find some delicacies for us; your food photos are always so good so start snapping! (How I do go on!!!)

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