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Monthly Theme Day – Tranquillity – #1555

When our best friends/surrogate parents Isla and Bill visited us in Germany, Bill couldn’t get over how DEAD German villages were/still are around mid-day.

We’d drive through a village and there’d be nothing.

Not even a dog in the road.

“How many people did you say lived in Germany, John?” he’d ask. “Didn’t you say 60 million? I didn’t see many in THAT village. Why are they all HIDING”

After a while, we’d drive in silence through yet ANOTHER village that looked as if it had been neutron-bombed and then burst out in laughter as we passed the “You are now leaving..” sign.

And to prove that things haven’t changed in the last 26 years, here’s the main drag in Bretzenheim the other day.

Tranquil as…

See how chilled out all those wonderful people in the CDP community are over here

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6 thoughts on “Monthly Theme Day – Tranquillity – #1555

  1. So where are the locals? All gone to the big town?

  2. starbuck5250 on said:

    It is interesting to me how few of us chose our streets to demonstrate tranquility. I like this very much!

  3. As tranquil as a ghost town, man! Well done, take care!

  4. They are, of course, all in Mainz where the action is – or at Mittagessen. Or maybe they saw you coming?

  5. I would love to stroll Mainz with you JB. I yhink you live in one beautiful place. Tranquille it might me but what more could you ask for.

  6. Peace and quiet in a village is a good thing!

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