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“Not many laughs tonight…” – #1585

Michael Kinzer as Richard III

said Andreas Koch, the director in his introduction to Zettel’s Theater‘s superb performance of Richard III last Friday at the Geromont vineyard in Oestrich-Winkel.

“But quite a few murders”

“And you’re here for 3 hours – we’ve trimmed 2 hours already and if we shortened it further, it firstly wouldn’t make any sense, you’d never know what happened to the English royal family and we wouldn’t want to be responsible for your not knowing the correct answer on “Who wants to be a millionaire”

Friday was the premiere of their summer season (that runs through to mid-August in local-ish vineyards and churches) but you wouldn’t have noticed.

A Richard who oozed venom and spat malice, a Duchess of York who projected vengeance and retribution like a force field, not a fluffed line and an inspired battle scene.

Which you have to have on a stage the size of a billiard table

The ghosts of his victims gather as Richard sleeps and – as each casts a curse on him –

To-morrow in the battle think on me,
And fall thy edgeless sword: despair, and die!

they surround him, he cries “A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!” and dies by Richmond’s sword.

Seriously good stuff.

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6 thoughts on ““Not many laughs tonight…” – #1585

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  3. With food and drink, why not five hours? You all were short-changed.

    • Noise abatement plays a minor role, too. Small village, houses and courtyards sharing walls, Richard still ranting at great volume at just before midnight..
      Not so sure if the neighbours would be as neighbourly at 2am..

  4. Love the portrait. DId you get to sip throughout the performance???

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