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Sleepyheads #1695

The only explanation that I have for a Mainz this deserted at 8:40 am on a Saturday morning is that we woke everyone up as we drifted in from Boston at 5:15am, the good citizens of the city collectively said “Bugger off”, turned over and slept in….

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4 thoughts on “Sleepyheads #1695

  1. I imagine silmiar, although I suspect Latinos would represent a much higher incidence of rape than they do serial killings. I also think that there are more serial murderers out there that go undetected due to the fact that their victims ( prostitutes and others living on the fringe) are less likely to be reported missing by families that have lost track of them. Many serial killers, whether by design or chance, work in a large geographic area crossing many jurisdictions; it often takes some time for police to link them, sometimes they never do.

  2. They ran out of coffee?

  3. That would be the Cathedral

  4. Terrific architecture on the right…what is the building? Enjoy seeing cobblestone streets but don’t like walking on them.

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