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Don’t do THAT! #1702

Hollow it out and cut holes in it to celebrate Halloween, that most GERMAN of festivals?

What a waste of a good Hokkaido pumpkin!

If you absolutely HAVE to slavishly follow American commercialism, use something cheap and tasteless..

Do the following with the Hokkaido:

Cut it open, remove the pulp, DON’T PEEL IT, but just chop it into cubes. Frying pan, olive oil, cook slowly with chopped onions, bell peppers and potatoes.
Thai green curry mix, coconut cream in with the veges.
Kill a chicken, chop it up and fry it.
All in a big pot
Devour with naan bread or rice.

And don’t come around here tonight, reciting “Trick or Treat”and having NO IDEA what you’re saying…..

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2 thoughts on “Don’t do THAT! #1702

  1. It’s better to say in Germany: “Süßes oder Saures”.
    Great shot!

  2. Diane on said:

    Is that what you Kiwis call pumpkins?

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