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Monthly Theme Day – December 2012 – My street #1733

I do take this privacy stuff quite seriously and I’ve asked jb to respect my concerns in that matter and not divulge my name.

I’m just a regular street really – a young-ish 34, tarmacadam seal, cul-de-sac (so I know my customers quite well), wide enough for 2 cars.

People look after me quite well, especially jb and Ms jb. They sweep the gutters regularly (not like SOME people I could mention….) and clear the leaves away in autumn (I rather like that blower that he uses).

One thing he DOES do is to shovel the snow from the sidewalk onto the stuff that’s already covering me.

I’ve spoken to him about it, but all he does is mutter “What am I SUPPOSED to do with the bloody stuff? EAT it?”

He’s got a point, I suppose….

Pop over here to see what the cuzzies are up to

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7 thoughts on “Monthly Theme Day – December 2012 – My street #1733

  1. I like this very much! My street hasn’t got the nice gutter you have, but it too sees snow the owner piles up on it. Excellent interpretation of the theme!

  2. Pleased to meet you, anonymous and eloquent street. And don’t hesitate to speak your mind to jb, he does it himself, and I know he can take it.

  3. Every street looks different. Funny post.

  4. That’s a talkative street

  5. ha, i like your take on it, speaking as the road..clever!

  6. Very clever but my photo is far more attractive than yours!! PS. Aren’t you getting too old to shovel snow…watch that old ticker!

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