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Waiting for….. #1765

…an encore.

New Year’s concert in the cathedral yesterday evening, with the brass ensemble and organist playing Bach, Frescobaldi, Grieg et al.

Quite excellent.

So excellent, in fact, that they got standing ovations (as they say around here) for long enough for them to return for a bow, then another bow and then…..bugger off home.

These two sat as if glued to their seats in anticipation of an encore.(He’s been there so long, he’s grown through his hair…)

Fat chance of that for €10…

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One thought on “Waiting for….. #1765

  1. Wonderful photo!! It must be true that couples grow to look like one another as they age. Those two definitely have a silver lining! Things must be dull around there if you spent New Year’s eve at a concert….just KIDDING!! Sounds like a delightful way to spend the evening. Happy New Year and may 2013 delight you!!

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