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Firing on all …. #1780

..24 (?) cylinders.

Definitely NQM, but my links to Höhr-Grenzhausen couldn’t be described as tenuous.

This is the “Kannofen”, a cross-fired salt glaze kiln that lay dormant for 50 years before phoenixing back into life in 2004 and becoming the lead actor in the annual “Höhr-Grenzhausen brennt” ceramics event.
(Play on words: either “on fire” or – third-person singular simple present – “fires”)

Firing the 42 cbm kiln’s a massive undertaking – 2 tons of briquettes to get things going and then 35 cbm of beech wood over the next 2 days to get the temperature up to 1250•C.
Then in go the 250kg of salt that vapourise and create a glaze as exquisite as this.Wim Hos vase
Wim Hos


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One thought on “Firing on all …. #1780

  1. Stunning – the photo, the process and the result.

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