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Why didn’t we ask Rudi in the first place…?! #1787

Rudi and Kerstin Baumann have run “Zum goldenen Adler” (these days, a traditional village restaurant serving simple, good food, but at times during its 170 year history, it was the top address in  town) in Gonsenheim for the last 20 years.

We were there with friends the other week and we got chatting with Rudi about the name of the road that runs up (“You don’t need “up along” when just “along” will do”) ALONG (pedantic bloody English teachers….) the side of the building and my attempts to identify its origin.


“Oh” says Rudi “That’ll be because there used be a dairy farmer up there by the name of Beitz. Used to make his own butter and cheese until sometime in the 1950s”

That’ll be it, then.

Problem. Solved

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2 thoughts on “Why didn’t we ask Rudi in the first place…?! #1787

  1. You don’t need “up along” when just “along” will do. Thank goodness for pedantic English marms.

  2. How does a “road run UP THE SIDE of the building?” Must be hard on the structure. Where does the road lead?? Heaven?

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