Mainz Daily Photo

Man overboard! #1796

Someone throw him a lifejacket!

Failing that, this is his imminent (not a happy one, I might add…) future:

Hypoosmolar water affects the surface tension of alveolar surfactant, causing an imbalance in the V/Q ratio with a collapse of some alveoli, resulting in both true (absolute) and relative intrapulmonary shunting; the V/Q abnormality is further compromised by pulmonary edema; the shifts of fluids and electrolytes in fresh water drowning result in hemodilution, hemolysis, circulatory overload, and hyponatremia

A soon-to-be-cadaverous figurehead on one of the 9 stone sculptures (each carrying an initial of Gutenberg’s name) in front of the eponymous museum.

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4 thoughts on “Man overboard! #1796

  1. He appears to be surviving, taking the right steps, minimising his efforts to stay above the waterline and concentrating on staying calm. Good luck to him.

  2. Are you speaking of imminent ruination or something taking place over the centuries? If it’s imminent, I’d be glad to take this off the city’s hands and hang it on my wall.

    Listen to Kate.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Can you buy moss/lichen ointment in Mainz?

  4. A very different photo; I think I’d like the 9 stone sculptures. Re. your narrative: please speak English.

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