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Crikey, it’s good to be back…… #1813

I don’t what it is – is it the arrival staff at the aircraft door with big smiles and saying “Welcome”. And meaning it.
Or is it the light that makes everything so much more vibrant. Or the smell of freshly cut grass outside the terminal.
Definitely people like Angelina Mitivale, though, who – if you’re very lucky – you’ll meet at Air New Zealand’s domestic terminal.
Friendly, efficient, helpful as. And a real sweetie.
Born in Samoa “but I came here when I was really little”
“Little” pronounced as only a Kiwi can.
Good to be back…

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2 thoughts on “Crikey, it’s good to be back…… #1813

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  2. The note of nostalgia in your note makes me smile. It is so good to “go home again, isn’t it, especially when it is as lovely as you describe. Speaking of lovely…Angelina is very pretty and you photographed her well. But, how else could it turn out when you have such a pretty subject accompanied by your feeling of contentment and joy at being “back!”

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