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Spring. Sort of. #1865

It snowed last week.

We’re only DAYS away from the summer solstice and it’s SNOWING?

Paul at the Kaffee Kommune 2 tries to get us in the mood with bunches of daffs on all the tables. And of course his ever excellent espressi.

If you inspect their FB page closely, you’ll see a funky lamp next to the sofa.

Ms jb’s friend Frau G bought it from her very first salary sometime back in the Middle Ages 40-ish years ago and gifted it to a very appreciative Paul Bonna, garnering herself a free coffee.

Not with sugar, though.

I like his rigorous and purist attitude…

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5 thoughts on “Spring. Sort of. #1865

  1. Julie, you’re not American, you’re meant to *get* irony. (With all due respect to Kate, who does. Mostly)

  2. Did I send this already?? Snowing again; Heck it’s been snowing here for two whole days! It’s a virtual winter wonderland out there; a scene I’d rather miss. The flowers motivate me to take my daily walk–a new force in my life. The coffee; nah, you can have that since it makes my heart race and I’d rather have Jim do that!

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Snowing last week? Heck, it’s snowing right now. . . a virtual winter wonderland. What’s happening to my daily walk (a new regiment!); guess I have to use the indoor track again! The flowers motivate me and give me hope! Forget the coffee; it make my heart race and I’d rather have Jim do that!

  4. … days away from the summer solstice … well, yes. However, it is on 21-22 June isn’t it? And that would be 40 days …

  5. Julie on said:

    You’re taking the mickey now with all this caffeine …

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