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Where there’s a Will…..#1889

…there’s a way.

Reusable shopping bags from the ever-excellent Shakespeare & So in the Gaustrasse.

True story: Ms jb’s English is so excellent, because her mother (would have been her 92nd birthday today...happy birthday, Elisa) – not speaking English – made her spell EVERY WORD when she was learning vocabulary.

“You can tell me what you like, you’re not pulling the wool over MY eyes. Spell it”

And her pronunciation was phonetically hilarious – “Shakespeare” became an italianate”Shak-es-pe-ar-ee”, Durbridge was “Doer-brid-geh”.

Shows you what discipline does…

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One thought on “Where there’s a Will…..#1889

  1. I wouldn’t mind having one of those reusable shopping bags, esp. since Will and I have had lots of fun together over the years. Ms. jb’s English is so good because she is also very smart, wouldn’t you say?

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