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All boxed in #1903

I just hate throwing (useful) stuff out.

You need to clip box hedges to keep them in shape and every clipping with some hardwood on it is a potential box bush.

Which is where these came from.

Take a while to get established, but it’s as easy as – get a bundle of 5 or so suitable subjects, pull away the leaves from the lower stem and put them in potting mix with some sharp grit mixed in for drainage.

They’ll root within a month or so and you can then heel them into a free patch of garden until they grow to a useful size.

Only takes 2 or 3 years, but I also grow herbs like the old farmer in the Provence so I’ve always got plenty of thyme…..

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2 thoughts on “All boxed in #1903

  1. You must be pretty busy with all those box babies! 😉

  2. It’s thyme I paid more attention to your sage and subtle posts. If I do that I could probably mint a lot of new ideas for my own blog. Then I could also have fun sending messages to my good friend Herb.

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