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“As time goes to zero……#1916

D7K_4365…input goes to infinity.”

The Second Rule of Project Management.

(The first is “Scope, Time and Cost – choose 2 to optimise, you can’t optimise all 3”)

17:00 yesterday afternoon.

The 72 hour countdown’s finished, paths have been laid, fences set up, beds planted and speeches  made – someone from the parish,  mayor Ute Granold and Michel Kleiner who kept things together. during the project.

Short (with some unintended humour “We’d like to thank the sponsors” said the chappy from the parish “they’re hanging on the fence back there….er…well, not LITERALLY…”) and authentic, with thanks to the local farmer who showed them how to lay paths properly and generally nudged them in the right direction.

All the proceeds from the barbecue/cake stand/drinks sales are going to the victims of the flooding (and boy, can they use it} in southern and eastern Germany.

All that’s left is to get everyone together for a group photo.

Which Michel (who projects an aura of natural authority and competence akin to the force field from Captain Kirk’s Starship Enterprise…) arranges.

‘We were here until 2am last night” he said ” Well, the last couple of hours were…um….team-building, if you know what I mean….

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