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Sweet Paul? Handsome Paul? #1947


When I was in London last week for a school reunion of the Westlakers diaspora*, Paul from kaffeekommune zwei recommended that I rock on over to Talkhouse Coffee in Portobello Road.

“And say “Hi” from me” he said, having worked as a barista at Rapha Cycle Cafe in Soho and knowing the “scene”, as it were.

“Anyone here know Paul Bonna from Mainz in Germany?” I asked when I was ordering my doppio.

“Oh, you mean Handsome Paul” piped up Elise…er…Elyse….the Canadian baristeuse (pictured). “But don’t tell him I said so….”

So when I get back to Mainz and tell this to (a blushing) Paul, I notice a copy of “Sweet Paul” lying around.

Is this the start of a personality cult?

“Don’t look at me” says Paul “I CERTAINLY didn’t buy it….”

* The New Zealand diaspora is quite significant, both in size and in qualification. New Zealand has a resident population of around 4 million and a non-resident population of close to 1 million. About half that number live in Australia, the rest spread around the globe and mostly earning salaries that would put them in the top 3% in New Zealand.
The guys I met last week were mostly in their late 20s to mid/late 30s – lawyers, accountants, management types – and none in a great rush to get back home, citing career and earning opportunities as their main reasons for staying in Europe.

The best and the brightest, as the saying goes….

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