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Boat people #1953

This morning, I did my Good Samurai act in saving Cynthia, Judy and Carol (all originally from New Jersey, but now spread between there, Baltimore and Texas) from a fate worse than death…..

They’d left their Rhine Cruise boat,having been given a decidedly shonky map and  pointed in the vague direction of the city.

They were dithering around, holding the map upside down and on the verge of heading off towards the ugliest chunk of Mainz that you could imagine – Rathaus/Rheingoldhalle/Brand shopping centre.

People have gone blind just LOOKING at the monstrosity

So I nudged them gently in the direction of the cathedral and the Gutenberg museum, gave them some history and trivia (mostly trivia….) about various stuff and told them not to miss St Stephans with the Chagall windows.

And to get a coffee at Paul’s Kaffeekommune

The last I saw of them, they were heading up the Gaustrasse towards Shakespeare & So (another recommendation)

Don’t know if they got as far as Paul’s though.

Where they would have been mesmerised by his smile and charm and missed the boat taking them to Rudesheim, there to partake of a German Dinner this evening.

The mind doth verily boggle…..

Editor’s note: They put their confusion down to over-imbibing on the boat the previous evening, on which I congratulated them. Don’t want any wowsers roaming the streets of Mainz….

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5 thoughts on “Boat people #1953

  1. Carol on said:

    Thanks John, for rescuing us boat people from the tourist trap! We did find Paul and had a
    great cup of coffee with him and loved the Chegal windows and church. Carol, Joy & Cyn

    • It really was my great pleasure and I’m seriously considering doing an alternative walking tour of Mainz. Oh, and Paul said how pleased he was you dropped in. (He’s one of Germany’s top baristas, btw)

  2. oh that was sweet of you! i am laughing at the thought of them with their map upside down….tourists! 😀

  3. I wouldn’t have missed Paul’s smile. You can take that to the bank JB. I”d also have LET you buy me a glass of wine and probably come home with you for dinner. 🙂

  4. How lucky that they stumbled upon you! Very good that you sent them to see the Chagall windows.

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