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Being green #1960

You’ll find insect hotels like this all over the place – the German Friends of the Earth organization has them on their website as a DIY kitset for €40.

This is a homemade version that Anne Rahn has set up in her garden in the Wahlheimer Hof hamlet near Hahnheim – lots of nooks, crannies, cubbyholes and sundry hiding places for insects and creepy-crawlies.

Well-behaved insects and creepy-crawlies, we hope.

NICE insects and creepy-crawlies, we hope….

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4 thoughts on “Being green #1960

  1. A fine arrangement of shapes and textures. Would have thought these creatures would have no trouble looking after themselves – seems I am wrong, again…

  2. Why not leave the job to hexapods like Jimini Cricket (Wikipedia: “This grasshopper can bite painfully.”). Jimini’s next of kin – the dragonflies (Wikipedia: ” important predators”) dwelling near River Selz – will be glad to handle the not-so-well-behaved ones with “extreme prejudice”…

  3. I have a thing for photogenic creepy-crawlies.

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