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Reds, yellows and…greens….#1973

The Greens are a well-meaning bunch, but they lose the plot too often to be taken seriously.

Their most recent brain fart idea is for a compulsory (in finest Denglish) Veggie Day in works canteens.

Forgetting, of course, that almost all canteens and restaurants offer vegetarian options as a matter of course.

And that freedom of choice is a democratic cornerstone.

Can “Tofu Tuesday” really be far away?

And to add to the hilarity, it’s pronounced with a hard “g”.

As in “reggae”

You really couldn’t make this stuff up…..

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2 thoughts on “Reds, yellows and…greens….#1973

  1. Red, yellow and green – just like traffic lights. Except that trains can make do with red and green. An if they are in Mainz, red alone will suffice…

  2. Great photo of summer harvest. Enjoyed your comment on my French bakery post today. Was stunned that so many folks didn’t get it…have we forgotten the Vietnam “conflict” so soon??

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