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De-escalation #1990

National elections (and I’ll refrain from telling the joke about George Bush in Japan…) in nigh on 3 weeks and you can’t move without tripping over a bloody placard for this one, that one or someone else.

The two major parties have come to their senses and agreed that the place is getting extremely ugly-ised and suggested that everyone disarms to what is still overkill, but significantly fewer than the number we currently have.

Good for them!

Now HERE’s a true story: driving through Wolfboro, NH last October and cut down a residential road to get a different view of Lake Winnipesaukee.

EVERY SINGLE HOUSE had an election placard stuck in their front yard and – I kid you not – it was almost as if there was a demarcation line: on the side of the road that had lake frontage (big houses, flash cars), EVERY placard was for Romney. The other side of the road (modest homes, wooded, mostly Subarus): Obama.

What was it that Gordon Gekko said…?

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2 thoughts on “De-escalation #1990

  1. Campaigns have now become a nuisance. Limit the time and limit the $$$$ spent; that will happen when pigs fly. What’s the George Bush joke?

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