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This has tradition……


Special pseudo-edition of the Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung journalisted by VK and JW from across the way on the occasion of Lena’s girlfriend Jenny’s and one-time admirer Phillip’s wedding yesterday.

Heaps of inside jokes, scurrilous football scorelines and quite obviously NOT the regular edition, but it’s such a successful parody that were you to pop it in someone’s letterbox, the AZ would be fielding calls along the lines of:

“Ei, warum ist heit nix ibber Mumbach unn nur ibber Klaawinnerum unn Obberolm in de Zeitung…?”

Memories of Lena and Jenny:

Prof and his wife were over for dinner and Lena – probably 17 or so at the time and parents away for the weekend – had been pestering me all day to drive them to the disco that evening. At one stage, I probably said ” Yeah, right, I’ll take YOU to the disco”, which was incorrectly received as an affirmative.

!0:30, Prof and I well wined and whiskied, doorbell rings and there stand Lena and Jenny, half naked and all jezebelled up with POUNDS of makeup and looking like a couple of $5 whatsits.

“Right, we’re ready. You’re taking us to the disco, right? YOU PROMISED” they chimed unisono.

I look at Prof, Prof looks at me and I start to say “You must be bloody joking” when they cracked up and joined us for a dessert of blackberry and apple crumble.

Lovely kids and they haven’t changed a bit in that respect

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One thought on “This has tradition……

  1. Cool couple, cool idea, great story!

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