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How tiresome….


A springtime and autumn ritual. (Seen at Euromaster in Mombach)

Shedding summer/winter tires (as appropriate) and donning the reverse.

Back in the day, it was common sense to have tires in winter that gave you adequate traction.

Now, it’s the law.

Get caught slithering around in the snow with summer ties and you’ll get pulled off the road tout de suite.

(Not like that in the States, of course. Avis once rented me a Mustang in the middle of a blizzard in Boston with tires that wouldn’t have been out of place on a Formula 1 racing car. That was fun….)

Most folks thus have 2 sets of wheels – one that’s in storage at their tire dealer of choice and one on the car – and now that snow looks highly unlikely for a bit, there’s a mad rush to get them switched.

Not that we have to bother with all that stuff, of course…

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5 thoughts on “How tiresome….

  1. The same is done in Canada. Either it’s stored at the auto shop or if one has a shed, they can go there.

  2. Seasonal tires. Is something new to me. But what do I know (or care)?! The “mister” takes care of all that stuff. I just get in and turn the key!

  3. I was going to buy winter tires to my bike this last winter but it never happened. I biked anyway.

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