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Monthly Theme Day – May 2015 – Revolution


I bought The Beatles’ “White Album” in December 1968 (it was released in late November in the UK, 3 days later in the US, took a while to get down to us..) and I played it to death over the holidays.


Well, 33 1/3 for a start and it does go around

AND a double album.

AND untitled – it’s just “The White Album” for us

AND there are 2 tracks on Side 4 – Revolution 1 and Revolution 9 – which caused  caustic reactions: #1 for its strong political message and #9 being described as “a sensory attack on the citadel of the intellect: a revolution in the head“.

(Mum and Dad didn’t like it, either…)

Have a listen

Revolution 1

Revolution 9

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11 thoughts on “Monthly Theme Day – May 2015 – Revolution

  1. Fantastic and very apt contribution! 😉

  2. Super idea for theme day!

  3. This is the only Beatle album I haven’t got MDP 🙂 Groovy post for today’s theme.

  4. Jim on said:

    A great theme day post.

  5. Good one JB. I had forgotten that Beatles tune. Thanks for the memories.

  6. Of course part of the appeal was that moms and dads didn’t like it!

  7. I had the same idea but couldn’t find my copy – good one!

  8. It’s a great theme for today, not only the design but the revolution of musical style!

  9. Love this entry, John.

    I had a copy of that album which I won in a competition on my local radio station, 2HD Newcastle (something to do with the Righteous Bros. if my memory serves). However sometime during the next year or so, I lent it to the girl-friend of my younger brother, who denied all knowledge of the loan, and claimed it as hers.

    When I split from my husband, he thre out all my 33 1/3s, as well as some precious 78 rpms from a dead uncle.

    I should have revolted both times, but …

  10. That’s a lot of revolutions, jb!

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