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A long way from home….


Parked outside Heinrich’s Die Wirtschaft up around the Kästrich.

If you’ve done the Coast to Coast even once, you can be rightfully proud of yourself.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 08.34.58

It’s 243km from the West Coast to the East Coast of New Zealand’s South Island..ooops …Te Wai Pounamu (must be politically correct, y’know..).

Sea level to 800m and back down.

Some folk do it in a day (11 hours), most in 2.

This guy seems to be a glutton for punishment, having done it THREE times.

And a financial sado-masochist to boot – it costs you close to $1000 to enter…

Footnote: Sponsor Speights isn’t the best beer on the planet, by the way. Not quite as bad as Tui, by they do say “Don’t give Speights to your mates”…

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One thought on “A long way from home….

  1. That sounds like an iron man marathon times ten.

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