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When your favourite expresso bar….


….celebrates its 1st birthday in its new location in the Breidenbacherstrasse and serves IPA to mark the occasion, you know why it’s your favourite espresso bar/

(Prefer the espresso – quite a nice beer with grapefruity-hoppy notes, but a tad sweet for my palate)

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5 thoughts on “When your favourite expresso bar….

  1. I’m sure I could find something to my liking, though I don’t personally go for coffee or espresso.

  2. Drunken sailor goodness! 😉
    Thank you so much for the “Abendsonne” translation, quite interesting!
    Cheers (albeit with plain espresso),

  3. I can understand WHY you like this place.

  4. I think I might have tried an espresso in Italy, but it’s not for me, but if they have a normal cup of coffee I’m in. Id it chilly inside or is the barista losing his hair?

    • Stefan,
      next time when you are in Italy, ask for “un’Americano” – they’ll add hot water to the espresso, creates a sort of “mild filter” effect, quite flavourful!

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