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Marketing 101

Well, price and product don’t really apply, but promotion, and place?

Brother, did this guy get THOSE two  right….

The Schottenhof at the bifurcation (if you’re ascending) or the confluence (if you’re descending) the Gausstrasse is being renovated.

A couple of families appear to have fallen between the cracks in the transfer of ownership and they made their plight visible during the Gaugass Fest the other week with a handwritten placard stuck to the front door.

Two families have to live in this place.

Wohnbau GmbH {Ed: the owners] and the City of Mainz {Ed.: Always involved if there’s a screw-up] have forgotten us in the building site.

Who can help us?

Another sign bemoaned their dire situation in greater detail.

City of Mainz demanded that they remove their notices, invoking the Streisand Effect and kicking off a minor shitstorm.

Followed by the “Oh shit” moment when all concerned mouthed a silent “OH SHIT, we HAVE forgotten them”

Moved out and into a new place within days.

And I bet the guy didn’t have a tertiary qualification….

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One thought on “Marketing 101

  1. I can imagine this situation is giving permanent headaches to more than one party!

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