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A rant

The Catholic church gets up my nose on occasion with some of its medieval attitudes.

Not my problem, of course. Let the adherents to the faith sort it out.

But it seriously gets my goat with its “holier than thou” PR front, crowing about what good deeds it does while at the same time being devious and two-faced when it thinks no-one’s noticing.

There was the “Senfkorn” meeting point for folk with alcohol or psychiatric issues.

Church raises the rent, its social services organisation withdraws financial support, place closes down AND STAYS EMPTY FOR OVER SIX YEARS.

Then there’s Mainz 05’s new football stadium.

The church goes on about how EVIL it is to take arable land out of food production and to sacrifice it to Mammon.

But if there’s a buck to be made, they’ll quickly flog off what’s needed to facilitate the building of a football stadium.

Last week was a good one, though.

Fire in a building in the Domstrasse, just behind the cathedral.

Quickly extinguished, fair bit of damage, no injuries.

No injuries, because the whole (4 storey) building’s empty.

It’s been empty since 2012 and the church is keeping it empty “just in case we need it sometime”.

Germany’s currently experiencing  a flood of asylum seekers, expected to top 750,000 this year.

In some places, they’re sleeping in the open.

And the Catholic church thinks it’s OK to sit on empty apartments.

They should go and read their darn Bible…..

PS An online comment to the press article, criticising the church’s lack of action, got 4 “likes”.

And 5 “unlikes”

Says everything

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2 thoughts on “A rant

  1. Rants are good for us- I’m a strong believer in their intrinsic value!

  2. Rants are sometimes good for the soul. The parishoners go along with this?? Perhaps your voice should be heard?!

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