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I think it’s with a “K”.

(It’s not. I’ve changed it)

Paul Bonna at the ever excellent Kaffeekommune is a dab hand at choosing good staff.

This is Carina, born in Santa Barbara of American-German parentage, graduate of the Maria Ward school for young ladies in Mainz and starting her first semester at Frankfurt University this year, studying art history and psychology.

She has a phenomenal skill in introducing people to the nuances of high-end coffee – “Single estate coffee is almost like wine” she told someone yesterday. “In the same way that wines from the Rheingau will taste differently to the wines from Bordeaux – it’s all down to climate and soil”

We compared notes and it turns out that we both experienced Paul’s pop-up store, his first venture at the top of the Gaustrasse and the current location.

Which is where he asked her if she’d like to work for him.

Didn’t ask me.

Mind you, Carina’s much easier on the eye……

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2 thoughts on “Carina

  1. She’s got a great smile! An artist friend of mine has that name.

  2. Karina is one smart cookie. She knows her product and how to present it. Yes, wise of Paul to retain you as a customer rather than employee.

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