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And wind turbines are a big bloody con, of course.

Look at the amount of energy required to build, install, decommission and dispose of a single turbine and you’ll find it’s significantly more than the energy generated over a unit’s life-cycle.

Although they’re doing some quite cool stuff around here at the local Tech Park.

Linde, a leading industrial gas conglomerate has teamed up with a local renewal energy outfit and is using excess grid energy to split water into its components for later use.

2 bits of hydrogen and one bit of oxygen.

As inefficient as all get-up of course, but once you’ve generated energy, you can’t just let it dissolve into thin air.

That’s not how things work in this universe.

“If you don’t like it” said Richard Feynman “go somewhere else. To another universe, where the rules are simpler”

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2 thoughts on “And wind turbines are a big bloody con, of course.

  1. After watching the GOP debates last night, I think I’d rather live on another planet, with or without wind turbines.

  2. I’ve felt dizzy watching them here.

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