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“Nonioidesis” is Latin for ugly leaves

Our neighbour planted a Catalpa bignonioides a few decades ago.

It appears to have enjoyed the location, because it grew enthusiastically.

It’s a beautiful tree.

For 3 days a year, when it displays a mass of orchid-like blossoms.

For the rest of the time, it’s a pain in the arse, shedding massive leaves that either crumble into dust when dry or morph into limpets that attach themselves to every surface.

I say “It’s a pain in the arse”


It WAS a pain in the arse.

The new neighbours took one look at the leaves swirling up and down the road and quickly engaged an arborist to turn it into firewood….

Celebrations lasted days…..


I have a leafblower for sale, only driven on Sundays by a grey-haired old lady

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2 thoughts on ““Nonioidesis” is Latin for ugly leaves

  1. The arborist needs to be careful doing that!

  2. Our neighboring college has a row of these trees, which you identified on one of my posts as “a pain in the arse.” It is far enough away from our property but still in our line of vision so that it is NOT “a pain in the arse” for this abode. Love the sight of the flowering trees

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