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Carolus Magnus

2014 was the celebration of the 1200 year anniversary of the demise of Carolus Magnus’/Charlemagne/Charles the Great/Karl der Große.

King of the Franks who united most of Western Europe during the early Middle Ages and laid the foundations for modern France and Germany.

His presence in Ingelheim (just up the road) is documented from 774 onwards and the remnants of his pad have been partially restored and very fine they are too.

The “Pro Ingelheim” organisation – committed to performing Good Deeds in the city – got tohgether with 2 vintners and developed the concept of creating a wine using the same methods and tools as were used in the early Middle Ages.

The result was Vinum Caroli Magni 2013, a Pinot Noir, slavishly following “Capitulare de Villis” Charlemagne’s “Winemaking for Dummies.

300 bottles, each 0.5 litres.

We were lucky enough to snaggle one.

Tell you if it’s any good tomorrow….

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2 thoughts on “Carolus Magnus

  1. With all that effort, it had better be good!

  2. Lucky, you are obviously one of the favored few —hope it is enjoyable.

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