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>Johannes, what DO you think you look like… – #14

“What have you got on your head? Come inside this minute! What will the neighbours think?”

This is Johannes Gutenberg, Mainz’s most famous citizen and favourite son.

Time Magazine’s Man of the Millennium.

So it’s not a big surprise that he has a statue, right next to McDonalds the line marking the 50th parallel that runs through Mainz.

And a museum.

Some of the exhibits are even labeled in English, but we’re trying to change that.

And a website.

Also partly in English.

We’re trying to change that too.

And a celebration of his patronal saint’s day on 24 June.

Which is also the day they stop harvesting asparagus around here. And rhubarb.

Swings and roundabouts.

So what’s with the hat?

Appears that folk though he wasn’t getting in the mood for the Rosenmontag carnival procession and gifted him a hat from one of the carnival clubs.

Better than a pigeon, I suppose.

At least he won’t get crapped on…

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One thought on “>Johannes, what DO you think you look like… – #14

  1. >Being a wayward once-fearful Catholic, I get giggly trying to read the word “Archbishopric” out loud.

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