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Weck, Worscht un ….. where’s the Woi? #15

You won’t find anything much more traditionally Mainz than this – a decent sized chunk of Fleischwurst, straight out the pot, a freshly baked roll and a dollop of mustard.

And the best place to get it is on the Farmers Market which occupies the 3 squares surrounding Mainz’s Cathedral on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

And the best butcher for it (some would dispute this, but they’re dead wrong) is the Harth family from Stadecken-Elsheim. Almost 150 years in the business, so assume they’ve got the hang of it.

They trundle in to the city with their mobile butchery at 6:30am, pull up the shutters and fight off the crowds.


The Phrase of the Day, as AFN used to put it

Weck = Bread roll
You’ll only hear that name around this area. (And in Buffalo, NY, btw.)

Elsewhere they’ll be: semmel, weckle, weggli, rundstück, schrippe, kipf, laabla, stella…

The list goes on.

But weck are traditionally baked in Siamese twin-like pairs – as Paarweck.

And interestingly enough, there’s a link to our old mate, St. Martin.

His feast day is the day – even now – that rents and lease payments for land are due. And – in addition to the dosh – the landowner got a Martinsweck from the tenant.

How about that.

Worscht = Wurst = Sausage
No need to expand on that one


Woi = Wein = Wine
Nor here.

And where’s the wine?

Good question.

I appear to be the victim of some underhand dealings.

They’ve substituted some mustard for the wine without my noticing.

I’m definitely slipping…

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5 thoughts on “Weck, Worscht un ….. where’s the Woi? #15

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  2. >VictoriaBelieve me, it is!And for a mere $3…

  3. >WURST WURRRRRRRRRRRRRST…how could I have left off the WURST! That makes it!You can’t take me anywhere!;)

  4. >Bread and wine and mustard and slipping…sounds downright biblical! LOL! 😉

  5. >I have to say that looks absolutely delicious!

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