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>OK. Who turned out the lights….? #16


Technically yesterday’s MDP, but if I’d waited until after midnight, the eclipse would have been total which makes for images of limited interest.

We had the usual festivities one has in primitive cultures – chickens were slaughtered to ward off evil spirits.Dogs met an untimely end to appease the gods.

I believe that virgins were the traditional sacrifice , but they’re in short supply around these parts, I’m told.

If there are any left at all.

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8 thoughts on “>OK. Who turned out the lights….? #16

  1. >OK, this is seriously a good shot. I concede, you’re not just a funny man.

  2. >LOL @ your virgin comment!

  3. >A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTA moons! And stars! And I’ve seen some really nice ones too! ;)Great shot JB!=)

  4. >what a nice pic!I was at the street at that moment, but I missed the eclipse! Shame on me!

  5. >Some great shots of the eclipse.My photos can be seen at which includes links to photos on a number of DP blogs including this one.

  6. >We were one of the few regions with a clear sky last night – at least until after the total eclipse.Nikkor f8 500mm mirror lens on a D80 – no automatic metering, so a lot of bracketing…!

  7. >Not only a nice shot, but a super lunar shot.

  8. >I think there is gonna be a lot of moon around tonight!Nice shot.

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