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>Pretzel logic #18

>There are pretzels and pretzels.

They don’t get much better than Peter Ditsch’s.

His granddad started out as a traditional family baker in the Old Town and followed his instincts, his noses and the market when the demand switched from traditional products to his soft pretzels.

So how do your customers get freshly baked pretzels when the bakery’s closed?

You take them to them.

Put your staff in white coats, give them baskets packed with the goods and set them off on their rounds through the wine bars of Mainz of an evening.
Not quite as romantic these days, although you’ll still find the occasional pretzel man out and about.

But he’s got locations all over Germany and more than you can shake a stick at here in Mainz. In fact, this one’s probably not far from the original bakery in the Altstadt.

Just opposite my favourite cafe.

Cue for a song?

From the Dan, natch.
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3 thoughts on “>Pretzel logic #18

  1. >Yum…will you send one over right away?

  2. >It looks delicious. I would like to try it 🙂

  3. >Hey, that’s our lamp post from the Cathedral steps!!

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