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Määnzer Mädcher -#200

These three flossies must have been related to Job Lot (I stand anonymously corrected – check the comments).

His wife, as you might recall, was instructed not to turn around and look at the shop windows as she left what ever town she’d put on her credit card.

Well, of course she couldn’t resist and ended up as a pillar of salt.

I think that’s how the story goes, anyway.

A similar fate appears to have encountered these three (ex-students of the Maria Ward school?).

Something along the lines of “Now, go straight home from school, girls, and no looking at boys on the way”

Too much to ask.

Kapow! Bronze statue.

And there they stand, fountainised, right outside the entrance to their school, with water gushing off their opened brollies.

There is another version.

“A bronze fountain by the Austrian sculptor Magnus featuring the Girls of Mainz – Määnzer Mädcher – can be found outside the entrance of the Maria Ward school on the Ballplatz.”

Take your pick….

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6 thoughts on “Määnzer Mädcher -#200

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  4. >It’s not Job’s wife but Lot’s (the nephew of Abraham). Gen. 19:26

  5. >I have heard that some parents want their daughters to turn into a pillar of salt for misbehaving. I had not thought of bronze before.

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