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>3 Generations – #202

>That’s what I thought, anyway.

Postwar, slung-together, utilitarian apartment block, medieval building and the appallingly ugly Erbacher Hof in the background, looking like a set from one of Kevin Costner’s direst films.

The first and last are correct, at least.

The medieval house – “The house of the Roman king” (didn’t the Animals sing a song called that…?) or “Zum Lateran”, depending on the historical period – suffered the same fate as the predecessor of the apartment block at the hands of some fairly effective carpet bombing in February 1945.

Initially reconstructed in 1949 around 2 sandstone portals and the remnants of the back wall – nothing else remained standing -, it was returned to its pre-1945 architectural style in 1986.

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2 thoughts on “>3 Generations – #202

  1. >I like this; ugly or not, it’s the history of Mainz. And great for DP.

  2. >Since I live in that appartement block facing the “Erbacher Hof” your post made me smile. This building truly i s ugly.

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