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>I touched the cloak of the Prophet… #203

>Big do at the Gutenberg Center (their spelling, not mine…), a greenfield site with a mega-supermarket and a mega-electronics store in Bretzenheim, yesterday evening.

MediaMarkt (aforementioned mega electronics store) and Mainz 05, our local professional football (soccer to you…) team got together for a big PR stunt with late opening and special prices for folks in Mainz 05 kit and the whole team on hand to autograph whatever was laid before them.

So the team fronted up, looking none too happy at just having finished a training session and definitely none too happy at having to hang around to sign autographs for hours on end, but they warmed up when they saw the fans – well over a thousand.

And The Prophet, Jürgen Klopp, the trainer, (pictured above), was on hand, too.

And do people deify him….?!

He’s just the nicest guy. Kiddies stand in front of him with open mouths and eyes as big as dinner plates and he chats to them, gives them a big grin and they’re fans for life.

Just look at the way the lady’s looking at him. Given half a chance, I think she would have adopted him…….

And one thing’s for sure around here – all you need is a scruffy camera bag (Mumbai 1979) and a professional looking camera (i.e. black bodied Nikon) and you’re accredited.
Wander around wherever you want.
Talk to whoever you want.
Take all the photos you want.

Even touch the cloak of the Prophet….

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One thought on “>I touched the cloak of the Prophet… #203

  1. >Hope you got the chance to declaim “And it came to pass” to him…

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