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>It’s actually quite good for you…#236

>It’s Federweißer time!


Winemaking goes something like this.

Pick the grapes and crush them to extract the juice, add yeast and let it bubble away until the sugar’s been converted to alcohol.

Filter. Bottle. Sell. Drink.

If you’re quick and you live in the right place, you can treat your taste buds to Federweißer or Young Wine.

As in: “Pick the grapes and crush them to extract the juice, add yeast and let it bubble. Drink

It’s pretty much like fizzy, murky grape juice with a bit of a kick – around 4% alcohol – and you need to drink it on the day you buy it, because the conversion process keeps right on going in the bottle.

Which is why they’re unsealed.

A couple of Euros for a litre bottle.

It’s a great little money spinner for the vintners – instant cash flow, no cellar costs, no labelling, no storage, no transportation.

A lot of them have even planted early-cropping varieties specifically for Federweißer.

Which means “The white of the feather”, referring to the yeast particles that give it its milky appearance.

And it’s very healthy – contains yeast, lactic acid bacteria and heaps of Vitamin B1 and B2.


I DO beg your pardon…….

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3 thoughts on “>It’s actually quite good for you…#236

  1. >You commented recently that you envy our living by the sea … well, we definitely have wine country envy.But hold the onions, please. One burp-inducing food at a time.

  2. >And not to mention the “Zwiebelkuchen” that goes with it. You forgot to mention the unpleasant side effects of consuming too much of both, though…

  3. >I’ll have one or two bottles, please~

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